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Dental Industry

bracesThis is Sun’s newest industry and we are proud to be producing innovative products for an industry leader of the dental market. This customer has a global presence with products in over 120 countries. Sun is involved in cutting edge technology in this market.

Processes used to manufacture components;

Dental Product Applications:

  • Orthodontic spring clip for brace brackets
    • Over 30 different clips

Success Story
Sun designed an inline process to manufacture microstamping components for this industry. Our design and engineering team designed, built and programed a cutting edge laser measuring device to measure a critical dimension on the gap of the orthodontic spring clip for brace brackets. Each tooth has a distinct bracket and clip design resulting in 17 unique clips with interchangeable progressive dies. This laser measuring device is very accurate, it measures within .2 microns. It not only measures the part, it also records and analysis the data it collects and adjusts the tool accordingly based on this data.
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