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Laser Measuring Device

By Sun Microstamping

In 2013 Sun entered into a new market segment the Dental industry. One of the first products we manufactured for the Dental industry was an orthodontic spring clip for a brace bracket. Each tooth has a distinct bracket and clip design resulting in 17 unique clips produced with interchangeable progressive dies. Due to the complexity of this program, the small size of this component and the tight tolerances, it was decided by our design team that we should use a laser measuring device to improve our accuracy in manufacturing this product.

This was uncharted territory for Sun; we had never used a laser measuring device before. This microstamping has a very tight tolerance on the gap of the clip which is a critical dimension. To ensure this dimension is met, Sun’s Engineering department designed, built and programmed a laser measuring device. This was all done in house with the support of our customer design and engineering team.

This Measuring Station checks 100% of the parts inline. The product is fed through the press on a strip or a carrier. The strip then goes from the stamping die through the measuring station, the laser measures each part as it is feed through. Data is gathered on each measurement and is recorded and stored with every lot produced. This laser measuring device is very accurate, it measures within .2 microns. It not only measures the part, it also analyzes the data collected and adjusts the tool accordingly based on this data.

Here is a Breakdown or the Laser Measuring Device 5 main functions;

  • Measure the gaps critical dimension
  • Records and analyses the data
  • Adjust the tool based on the data
  • Cuts the good parts off the strip
  • Leaves the bad parts on the strip to be scrapped

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