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Inventors FAQ Sheet

Plastic Molded and Metal Stamped Components

If you are an Inventor here is some information to review before you contact Sun to make sure we are the right manufacturer for you. Below we answer some preliminary questions;

1. Will you design the parts for me?
Sun does not design parts from scratch. We have a design and engineering team in house to assist with your product designs and offer solutions for manufacturing. Please provide a CAD File or part to be reversed engineered if you Request a Quote.

2. What is the typical cost of a Stamping Die and Plastic Injection or Insert Mold?
Dies and Molds usually cost from $10,000 to $80,000 per tool. So economically you need to have an annual volume to substantiate this cost.

3. What is typical piece price of manufactured parts?
A part cost varies by size, annual volume, how many processes are required to manufacture it and raw materials used. A typical part cost $.05 to $5.00. Some parts cost more than $5 due to the previously stated reasons.

4. Is Sun Microstamping Technologies able to help you sell or distribute your product?
Since we are a manufacturing company of customer’s parts we do not help sell products or provide any marketing services for your products. We will assist with inventory management and shipping parts to your distributors or company locations.

Please review our core capabilities and support process to make sure we fit your manufacturing needs.

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