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Industries Overview

At Sun Microstamping Technologies we believe our customers are the Powerhouse behind our businesses’ success. We learned early on that in this business we thrive if our customer thrives. SUN has a continually expanding global customer base in variety of Industries. We have specialized in the Automotive, Medical, Electronics, Telecommunications and Consumer Goods Industries for almost 30 years. In the last fifteen years we have expanded our Industry reach to include Military, Marine, Recreational and Building Products. Sun has recently entered the Advanced Battery Industry as a segment of the Automotive Market. Our newest Industry Sun has expanded into is the Dental Market.

If your company’s Industry is not included in our list of existing Industries, this does not indicate that SUN is not the right supplier for you. We can Stamp or Mold any product that fits into our wide range of Capabilities and welcome the opportunity to expand our Industry reach.

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