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What’s New at Sun

It already feels like summer down in Florida with temperatures hitting the 80’s and 90’s. We are hoping the improvements we have made at our facility since last summer will keep our facility cooler and running more efficiently this summer. As you have read in previous newsletters, we coated the roof of our building in a white plastic to help reflect the sun and have made upgrades to our AC systems.

This week at our facility in Clearwater we have a very talented photographer in house taking pictures for Sun’s new website and other marketing materials. We are very excited to see his work as he was chosen for his skill of producing quality pictures in our industry.

Last month Sun increased our regular monthly donation to our favorite charity, “Mission Rooted out of Dry Ground.” You have read in previous newsletters about this local charity that helps the less fortunate in our area. A handful of our employees are involved in this charity and go on a Sunday to hand out food , clothes and house hold items to our neighbors in need. In April Sun helped this charity buy Easter baskets for the children. Each child received a beach pail filled with goodies. Their little faces shone with gratitude and excitement!!

Continue reading this newsletter to find out about the improvements and successes in the Molding, Stamping and Marketing Departments so far in 2014!!!

What’s New at Sun

Sun Microstamping Technologies was glad to see the New Year and have 2020 in the books, as I am sure many of your were also! 


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