Tool Makers

By Sun Microstamping

The Toolmaker Level A lays out, machines, fits, assembles, finishes parts to make and repair stamping dies.


  • Promote / teach competent die maintenance techniques for first time set up success
  • Be able to create documentation for die evaluation and preventive maintenance.
  • Studies blueprints of die and product, die models, templates, and prototype parts and visualizes shape, mechanical structure, and operation of die.
  • Be able to support and guide a trainee when needed.
  • Computes dimensions, plans machining, layout, and assembly operations.  Give instruction to set up and train personnel.
  • Set up and operates machine tools such as lathe, milling machine, radial drill press, and grinder, to machine parts to specifications, and verifies conformance of machined parts to specifications.
  • Lifts machined parts and positions them for assembly on worktable or surface plate.
  • Verifies dimensions, clearances, and alignment of parts in die with continuous improvement of dies, and die modifications with engineering support.
  • Works tolerances as close as 0.0001 inch.
  • Work overtime as required.
  • Dismantles die and repair or replace parts with no supervision.
  • Trains the Level B and Level C Toolmakers.
  • Advocate a working environment that promotes creative thinking, problem solving, and ingenuity while maintaining a high ethical standard.
  • Promote a team environment with a positive attitude.
  • Adhere to all Sun Microstamping Safety Procedures.
  • Perform other tasks as required.


  • Six years related experience and/or training preferred.
  • Understanding of TS-16949 quality systems.


Ability to comprehend and apply basic math and trigonometry.

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