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Sun Microstamping Technologies has a global reputation as a Premier Precision Metal Stamping, Custom Plastic Insert and Injection Molding company. SUN assists customers through the entire process, from the Design stage to Production, to create winning programs and repeat clientele.

Our extensive capabilities in Precision Metal Stamping often allow us to provide innovative solutions for our customers Metal Stamping requirements. We routinely provide consistent product for the most demanding applications. Our customers depend on us to provide Microstampings with ultra-tight tolerances, complex part geometries, specialty materials and in-die assembly operations.

We also specialize in custom Plastic Injection and Insert Molding that feature a high degree of difficulty on both product design and high performance molding resins.

Our experience in the Metal Stamping and Plastic Molding Industries allows us to offer a wide range of Metal Stamping and Plastic Molding products and capabilities for a variety of industries.

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technologythumb In 2013 Sun entered into a new market segment the Dental industry. One of the first products we manufactured for the Dental industry was an orthodontic spring clip for a brace bracket. Each tooth has a distinct bracket and clip design resulting in 17 unique […]

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productthumb How your product goes from conception to production launch a step by step analysis.

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How your product goes from conception to production launch a step by step analysis.
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